Company History

Glue Products was founded by Jim Baker and Jim Dale back in 1980. Originally located at 5000 Georgia Avenue, West Palm Beach, Jim and Jim started Glue Products because the supplier of wood glue in the area had a hard time supplying them with Franklin/Titebond Wood Glue. So they took their money and put it together to create Glue Products, and started supplying the local woodworker with Franklin Titebond products. Jim and Jim struggled for about 2 to 3 years to keep the business going and in their fourth year they started adding more products. With the additions and their knowledge, they owned the business for about 10 years. 

In 1990, they sold the business to Mike Ranger and Les Boss who changed the name to Glue Products of Florida. Due to the hard work of themselves and their wives, over their 11 years of ownership they grew the company by adding automotive, marine and artist products along with expanding the woodworking industry.

In 1999 Glue Products Plus was born. Still keeping the tradition of family owned and operated; father, son, and 2 sisters took over the business, along with many family members and friends. The name was changed once more to Glue Products PLUS, due to the wide variety of products that have been added since 1980.